Voluntary Liquidation

Process of Flow of Claim To IBBI-UTIIASL

We have exited from Trusteeship Business

Voluntary Liquidation of the Company

Shareholders shall be required to submit their Claim in Form-F and following documents through E-mail as well as in Hard Copy.
1) Form-F is required to be notarised as required on Page No.2.
2) Notarised Copy of Share Certificate.
3) Latest Bank Account Details either by way of Canceled Cheque or Latest Bank Account Statement.
4) Copy of Self-attested PAN Card and AADHAR Card.
5) Copy of DP ID Statement for Demat Holders

Revised documents provided by R&T Agent for Duplicate Share Certificate

Forms For Duplicate Share Certificate

Sign Verification Form

Notice of Annual Contributory Meeting UTIIASL.pdf